More than 30 years “Arnest” produces very popular cosmetic products and household products. The assortment of the company is continually improved and today it includes more than 350 product names. High quality of goods again and again was confirmed by prestige awards.

The enterprise is fit up by the most modern and high quality equipment produced by leading European companies. “Arnest” company is oriented on production of high quality goods and strive for maximal satisfaction of consumer needs. Application of the most modern technologies allows “Arnest” to maintain the status of a leader. 




This is a series of professional products which gives an opportunity to perform salon styling and care at home. The products of “Prelest Professional” series will help you just in few minutes to look like as you’ve just visited a beauty salon. 




Combining the best gifts of nature and modern scientific achievements “Arnest” has created a unique ecologically safe series of cosmetic goods “Prelest Bio” for modern women, taking care about their beauty and health.




 Prelest is one of the most famous hair styling trademarks that has already earned love and trust of many Russian women. This trademark was created in 1971.Quality of the products  is time proved and received the most positive feedback of consumers. 



Air fresheners SYMPHONY is a batch of products for creation of freshness and coziness atmosphere in your house. The basic component of air freshener prevents formation of drops, spots on walls and floor. Silver ions quickly and effectively block molecules of foul smell keeping coziness and cleanliness in any corner of your house. Wide assortment of light and tender fragrances will fill your house with cleanliness and freshness for a long period of time. 






DEONICA – new generation of high-efficient safe antiperspirants, providing reliable protection from sweat and smell, allowing your skin to breath,   containing a complex of antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory components.  






Dihlofos is one of the most sold products for insect control in aerosol package. Soundness,  efficiency, high level of knowledge, consumption and loyalty  made this product the essential one in any household.





Modern products, which can solve all problems with common insects instantly and for a long period of time, as a “first aid kit” are necessary in any household.