“Stupinsk chemical factory” is a dynamically developing enterprise, established in 1939. In Soviet Union this enterprise was well known as the largest producer of photochemistry – development liquids and fixatives, which are familiar to each other.

    Today, on the basis of rich experience and advanced manufacturing sciences the enterprise produces more than 130 items of household chemicals, that optimally combine affordable price and high quality.

    Quality of Stupinsk chemical plant products is appreciated by Public-expert Council of Russian and Moscow consumer rights protection trusts, repeatedly approved by honorary Diplomas, medals and awarding of Gran-pri in the framework  of competitions, international and regional exhibitions. Victory in competition “100 best goods on Russia”, “Crystal Lotus” – is an authoritative confirmation of our products high level features. 


    .The brand that has a wide assortment of goods for toilet, bathroom and pipes. Advanced formulas allow to achieve an ideal result without long-term treatment of surfaces and save good appearance of materials.                              


    Name of kitchen means which is already know by many people for many years. Composition of all goods is developed in accordance with requirements of modern world and facilitate housework. 


     Reasonable price for cleanliness is a slogan of this brand. Wide assortment of cleaning goods for various appliance is created for consumers which choose optimal combination of price and quality.