“Nevskaya cosmetics” at the present day is the one of three most strong manufacturing companies at Russian market. In 2009 the company achieved a landmark of 170 years. Its assortment includes more than 50 species of cosmetic stuff, produced on the basis various natural components. In order to save the position of one of the leading manufacturers in rapidly developing cosmetics and skincare industry, the company continuously develop new products. Many new items are created due to feedback and wishes of consumers. Own scientific-research laboratory conducts a control of source raw materials and production with the help of the most modern analytical methods.

“Eared Nanny” (“UshastiyNyan’”) is a hypo allergic series for children care since the first days of their life.

“Eared Nanny” series includes the most demanded products, which would help parents care for their long-awaited baby since the moment of its birth and during the whole period of growth. All products are developed on the basis of modern formulas and include natural ingredients and extracts traditional for baby cosmetics: peach oil, alpha-bisabolol, tickseed essence, calendula, aloe and etc.


Tis series doesn’t contain colorants, concentrated fragrances and forbidden ingredients, which significantly reduce a risk of allergic response. “Eared Nanny” series will give you confidence and calmness, which are so necessary if you have a little baby.